Wight BlueSky Arts, a not-for-profit company with our centre based in Wootton on the Isle of Wight proudly providing the best of arts based activites for adults and children with learning difficulties. Why not get to know us better?
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Why not come along? We are so proud of what we do that we have an open door policy, where everyone is welcome to observe any of our sessions.
Our Services
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Film Enabling participants to
capture their creativity on film.
Music Developing rhythm skills and music appreciation.
Creating original individual and group pieces of music.
Art Creating art pieces for personal
and public appreciation.
Drama Building individual and group confidence through improved
creative communication skills to enhance self-expression.
Dance Supporting coordination and physical expression,
designed to develop improved physical awareness and abilities.
Sensory Sessions focused on multi sensory stimulation. To improve
sensory awareness and create new positive experiences.
Arts Apprentice Providing real work
experience and employment opportunities.
Life Skills Tailor made programmes for life skills and personal
development, designed to enhance independence.

Supporting your unique potential

We aim to enchance natural creative skills to support the enjoyment of a full life with a focus on confidence, self-esteem and meeting new goals.

We provide a wide range of weekly courses and workshops, why not click here to take a look.